Rihanna Bares Pink Panties in Los Angeles

Posted Friday March 21, 2014 12:53 PM GMT

Stepping out for a delicious meal, Rihanna headed to Giorgio Baldi in Los Angeles on Thursday (March 20).

The “Diamonds” songstress donned white crop top with a see-through white skirt that exposed her hot pink panties as she made her way into her favorite dinner spot.

During the day, an L.A. police officer who had distributed a photo of Rihanna’s injuries after she was attacked by Chris Brown in 2009 was properly fired for her actions. Rebecca Reyes was accused of taking a picture of the evidence photo then selling it to TMZ.

According to the court filings, she snapped the photo to show the other officers and acquaintances, including a former girlfriend who worked for the celebrity site’s television show. After reviewing the record, Lavin stated he agreed that Reyes should no longer be a police officer and noted that evidences also supported that she “participated in the release of the photography showing [Rihanna’s] injuries to TMZ.”

“At a minimum, the public is entitled to protection from unprofessional employees whose conduct places people at risk of injury and the government at risk of incurring liability,” Lavin wrote in his ruling.

Although Rebecca’s attorney Ira Salzman accepted the Lavin's decision, he disagreed with the judge’s description of his client as unprofessional, declaring, “Rebecca Reyes is an outstanding person and was an outstanding officer.”

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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