Rashida Jones: Errand Girl in NYC

Posted Friday August 3, 2012 3:11 PM GMT

Taking care of her to-do list, Rashida Jones took to the streets of New York City earlier today (August 3).

The “I Love You Man” actress looked cute and comfortable as she ran some errands and chatted and texted on her white iPhone 4s.

During a recent interview, Rashida chatted about her experience as a first-time screenwriter for her new film “Celeste and Jesse Forever.”

“I guess the only experience I had was reading scripts. I've read scripts for 15 years as an actress and you know what you like and you know what you don't like. Sometimes you pick up material and you're like, ‘Have these people even ever said these things out loud? Because they don't make any sense.’ Or you read some and you're like, ‘God, it's so cool that somebody was able to write the way people actually talk.’ So, if you have things to say about what people do, the best thing to do is to go try it yourself and then it just immediately launches you into a whole newfound respect and humility.”

As for mixing films with television, Jones noted, “It's been an interesting couple of years. The year before last, I was doing Parks and Rec and I was in four movies and wrote two screenplays with Will. That was a little much for me. So I'm trying to figure out the right balance. Every step of doing well has another challenge to it. And now it's about finding balance and also valuing my free time. Before, as an actress especially, you have to say yes to everything. You take every job you can get. So the idea of saying no to stuff is not at all written in me, so I have to learn now to balance it a bit better.”