Rashida Jones' Discusses "Mixed Feelings" in Glamour March 2014

Posted Friday February 7, 2014 2:33 PM GMT

Showing off her talents away from the cameras, Rashida Jones is penning her thoughts about love and life monthly in Glamour magazine.

The 37-year-old multi-talented artist's first installment of the illustrated column for the publication's March 2014 issue is titled "Mixed Messages."

Miss Jones began, "Hey, I'm Rashida, My friends and I talk a lot about balancing our lives: love, gender politics, family... One of those conversations, with my friend Carrie went something like this."

Rashida: "There are so many damn opposing theories about the best approach to finding a dude."

Carrie: "Um, I hear that. So many experts. It's super annoying!"

Rashida: "Every time you find one approach that makes sense... they spring some new, totally different idea on you."

Carrie: "Put it out there!"

Rashida: "No! Don't put it out there! (You'll seem desperate)."

Carrie: "Tell the universe what you want."

Rashida: "No no, don't aim too high (Mr. Right will not be perfect!) as long as you have your teeth and can read, I can work with that."

Carrie: "Love comes when you don't expect it (Stay busy and it'll sneak up on you.) I'm so busy, are you not aware of how busy I am?!"

Rashida: "No, stop being so busy (Get out there and meet logs o men!)[Picture of her kissing frogs] One of you better be my guy... cuz I'm weirdly starting to like this!"

Working Theory: Love is all about luck. I'm going with that."

What are your thoughts on Rashida's new project?

Photo Credit: Getty Images and Glamour