Quentin Tarantino Named as Humanitas Finalist

Posted Wednesday July 17, 2013 3:23 PM GMT

His career in filmmaking is as impressive as it is prolific, and Quentin Tarantino has been selected as a finalist for the Humanitas Prize.

The “Pulp Fiction” mastermind will compete against David O. Russell and John Gatins for the $95,000 purse at the 39th annual event.

The Humanitas Prize for Feature Film honors writing that explores the human experience in an entertaining and delightful way.

President Ali LeRoi explained, “Humanitas does a simple thing. It gives credit where credit is due. To take time, and be of the mind, to write something that should be written, and provoke feelings that should be felt, is in itself an honorable thing. But it helps to know that someone was moved enough to say so, and thus inspire others that this quiet nobility, being the writer of something good, is worth it, if for no other reason, than someone knows it can be done, and someone else would like to see if they can do it too.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images