Psy Rocks the “Today” Show

Posted Friday September 14, 2012 11:00 AM GMT

On the heels of his YouTube success, Psy dropped by the “Today” show in New York City this morning (September 14).
The 34-year-old Korean rapper performed his massive hit song “Gangnam Style” which has garnered over 150 million views on the web so far.

During his interview with Savannah Guthrie, Psy expressed his utter disbelief that he’s shot to fame so quickly.

“I didn’t expect that at all. I just unloaded this video only for the Korean viewers in YouTube and suddenly, within 60 days, I’m here," he marveled.

A successful musician in the Korean scene, he noted that it’s interesting starting from scratch in the States. “Thing is, I’m (a) rookie here now, so I got to do it all over again, like 12 years ago.”

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Photo Credit: Getty Images