Prince William Tries Out His Bump-Set-Spike in London!

Posted Wednesday December 4, 2013 11:13 AM GMT

He’s an ace behind the wheel of a Royal Air Force search-and-rescue helicopter, but Prince William may want to leave volleyball to the pros.

The handsome heir showed up at Westway Sports Centre in London on Wednesday (December 4) for a Coach Core event, and he even got in on some of the action along the way.

Unfortunately, Will isn’t a natural in the ways of volleyball, and one 13-year-old participant told press he “felt sorry” for the Prince for not being able to return his serves.

However, after awhile William seemed to get the hang of it. Mentor Greg Mateo mentioned, “He came in late, but he adapted very quickly. I think we were all confused initially, but part of the objective is to have confusion and work through that confusion and I think he was able to do that pretty well.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images