Prince William’s RAF Rescue Pilot Inside Look

Posted Tuesday November 20, 2012 12:17 PM GMT

He’s been completely dedicated to his service in the Royal Air Force as a helicopter rescue pilot, and Prince William has just released a batch of photos from his base.

The Duke of Cambridge shared “the working day in the life of Flight Lieutenant Wales” from RAF Valley in Anglesey, Wales, including shots of him making his bed, brewing tea, and working on the computer.

Additionally, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s official website states that Will’s shift typically “lasts 24 hours, and crew members stay on base close to the aircraft overnight”.

A spokesman noted,"When the crew is not conducting a search and rescue mission or preparing for a training exercise, they can usually be found re-charging their batteries in the crew-room or eating a meal in the nearby dining room. Computer games – especially the likes of ‘Call of Duty’ and other military-themed games – are a favorite for the crew if they have a spare moment in the evenings.”

"However, they must remain in constant contact and can never be more than 60 seconds away from their aircraft in case an emergency call comes in."

"From the moment the crew starts its shift, they are at ‘Readiness State 15’ between 8am and 10pm, which means they aim to be airborne within 15 minutes of receiving a search and rescue call. As the crew operate on a 24 hour duty, they adopt 'Readiness state 45' at night, which allows extra time to plan and prepare for night-time operations. Naturally, the crew cannot predict when, or if, they will be scrambled, nor indeed, to what type of incident."

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