Report: Prince Harry Deletes Facebook After Nudity Scandal

Posted Monday August 27, 2012 11:13 PM GMT

It's been a rough week for Prince Harry and according to recent reports he is doing his best to remain unplugged.

On Sunday (August 26), the Daily Telegraph claimed that a Facebook profile under the name of Spike Wells was deactivated.

As previously reported by GossipCenter, photos were released last week of the 27-year-old completely naked in his Las Vegas hotel. He was allegedly playing a game of strip billiards with a group of friends.

It's currently being reported that due to the photo scandal, advisors to the Prince recommended he delete his social media page, which was incognito under the alias of Spike Wells.

According to the claim, the red-headed Brit apparently obtained the nickname "Spike" in earlier years.

The Facebook page had more 400 friends, many of them including the rich and famous young men and women of Britain. The page also held strict privacy settings. Among the many pictures on the mysterious page, the profile picture was regularly adjusted, with the last adjustment being made while the Prince was in Vegas. It showed three men in Panama hats resembling that of the hat Harry was photographed in.

Dai Davies, a former head of royal protection for Scotland Yard, says that having a social media page like this would be a "security risk," explaining, "From a security point of view I would never recommend anyone high-profile to have a Facebook account because, depending what you have on it, it is indicative sometimes of where you are going, what you are doing, and more importantly, who your friends are.”

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