Prince Harry: "Terrified" Before South Pole Journey: Watch Here!

Posted Tuesday March 11, 2014 10:40 PM GMT

Carrying on his mothers legacy of helping others, Prince Harry has lent his time to many charities and causes over the years.

Late last year, the red-headed prince set out on a journey to the South Pole as part of the charity Walking with the Wounded, and now, he is speaking out on the trek in an upcoming documentary.

Titled "Harry's South Pole Heroes" the 29-year-old speaks candidly about his nerves heading into the 200 mile hike saying, I'm terrified for myself, to be honest, hugely daunted. I don't want to let the side down through fitness or injuries or anything like that. There's a lot of pressure on everybody involved, so I've just got to get it right.It's not just about fitness, it's about knowing exactly what you can and can't do."

However, once he and his team, which included wounded warriors, made it to the Arctic, Harry couldn't help but feel exhilarated by the scenery. Just look how cool it is," he said. "It's amazing. It's ridiculous that a place like this should exist. One of the few places on earth that hasn't been screwed up by humans."

Photo Credit: ITV