Prince Harry Targeted in Taliban Attack

Posted Saturday September 15, 2012 2:11 PM GMT

Two U.S. Marines are dead and one other personnel is wounded after the Taliban attacked a coalition base in Afghanistan on Friday night (September 15).

The group cited Prince Harry's presence at Camp Bastion as the reason behind the attack, which involved mortars, grenades and small arms fire.

In a statement released to the Associated Press, Taliban leaders said, "“We attacked that base because Prince Harry was also on it and so they can know our anger. Thousands more suicide attackers are ready to give up their lives for the sake of the Prophet.”

A Ministry of Defense spokesperson says the violence occurred about a mile from the section where the 27-year-old royal was located.

According to reports, just last week the Taliban publicly threatened to kidnap or kill the royal, known as Captain Harry Wales in the military.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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