Prince Harry Declares Antarctica “Bit Me On The A**!”

Posted Wednesday March 19, 2014 3:25 PM GMT

Thankfully he returned from his Walking with the Wounded trek to Antarctica safe and sound, but Prince Harry also had his fair share of bumps in the 208-mile road.

In a new video, the crimson-haired Royal explains that he had altitude sickness, suffered exhaustion and almost ended up with a frostbitten bum.

Harry notes, “If you show a weakness to Antarctica, I think it exploits it. And I think it will slowly grind you down until you have the utmost respect for it, which I now have."

“I thought I could just come out here and just crack on and see it through without any issues, make sure I'm here for the guys when they need me. But yeah, I'm frustrated and disappointed in myself. It really does prove quite how mentally and physically tough these guys are. Antarctica jumped up and bit me on the a**."

Photo Credit: WWTW