Prince Harry Covers Tatler November 2012

Posted Thursday October 4, 2012 3:20 PM GMT

He's experienced a resurgence of popularity thanks to his Sin City photo scandal and now Prince Harry has been named Tatler magazine's Man of the Year.

Dubbed "Dirty Harry," the 28-year-old British royal landed on the cover decked out in military garb complete with a powder blue beret for the front page shot while the UK society mag dug deep to find out his secret partying ways.

Within the pages, Tatler says Harry “made an executive decision a few years ago to go only for girls who had enough to lose by going to the press; consequently, those he has tended to pursue come from a very small catchment. This – maddening though it is for the girls, who all tend to know one another – has been key to keeping his sex life out of the public domain.”

The mag also brings to light that Harry's nude Las Vegas tromp wasn't the first embarrassing situation he's faced, “At a house party in 2007, one disgruntled guest remembers having her whole camera wiped because Harry’s security guards thought that there was a photograph of the prince inhaling a laughing gas balloon in the background. ‘They came over and deleted all my pictures. I wasn’t even taking a photo of Harry. It was bloody annoying.’"

Adding to his so-called partying lifestyle, Tatler says, “An American was startled when Harry, next to whom she’d been seated, swallowed one of the goldfish that had been put in pint glasses in front of each guest as going-home presents.”

Photo Credit: Tatler

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