Prince Harry Calls Row2Recovery Team from Antarctica: Watch Here!

Posted Saturday December 7, 2013 1:28 PM GMT

Making an extremely long distance call, Prince Harry phoned the Row2Recovery team in the Canary Islands from his location in the South Pole this week.

While trekking across the continent for Walking with the Wounded, Harry wished the other charitable venturers well, joking, "It's minus 30 [Celsius] here, apparently it's plus 30 where you are."

Noting that setbacks have delayed them a bit, Harry asked skipper James Kayll about their 3000 mile row, which Kayll said was "a little bit further than your walk."

Making a face, Harry filed back, "Rowing 3000 miles is a hell of a lot easier than walking 300 kilometers, by the way."

After warmly wishing them good luck, Harry advised them to "avoid the occasional great white shark coming underneath the boat." Check out the conversation in the player below.

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