Paul Wesley Drops By “The Tonight Show”

Posted Friday September 21, 2012 10:30 AM GMT

He’s always up to something, and last night (September 20) Paul Wesley was in the house at “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

And while the “Vampire Diaries” hunk was supposed to be promoting his hit CW show’s upcoming season, he ended up sharing a special memory with Jay instead.

Paul began, “I’ve met you, Jay. You probably won’t remember this, but we’ve met before. I have to give you a little backstory. One of my first jobs when I first started out acting was a commercial for an amusement park. And my job was to ride on a roller coaster and sit in the front row and pretend like I’m having a great time.”

“So after the seventh run on the coaster, I vomited all over myself and I was promptly fired… So they sent me home and I was super depressed and I got a check two months later from the commercial. And I’m this young actor and I don’t have any money… the check was for $27,000. I go straight to the Mercedes dealership and I buy a $26,700 Mercedes.”

Wesley continued, “So, here’s where you come in. So I’m driving down Ventura Boulevard. And I’m on a hot date because I can finally get girls because I have this Mercedes… I see this cool sports car at the traffic light… I pull up next to the sports car and I’m like, ‘Yo, bro. Roll down your window, bro,’ and it’s you, it’s Jay Leno.”

“At first I was like, ‘Holy crap it’s Jay Leno,’ but then I said, ‘Yo bro, you wanna race?’ You took a look at me, you took a look at my date, and you said, ‘I’ll race you for the girl.’ And then you took off and that was it. I didn’t move. I was stuck at the light. And the girl never called me again.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images