Report: Paul Walker Was Diagnosing Car Problems When Crash Occurred & He Wasn't Racing

Posted Tuesday December 3, 2013 10:50 AM GMT

There’s no doubt he loved to push his cars to the limit, but Paul Walker wasn’t joyriding with pal Roger Rodas at the time of their deadly accident on Saturday (November 30).

An insider has come forward to explain that the “Fast and Furious” star and his race car driver friend took the 2005 Porsche GT out for a spin to try and figure out why it was running badly.

The source shared, "As they were backing up the Carrera to put into the garage, it started stalling. I heard someone say, and I think it was Roger, ‘Why is the car stalling? Let’s take it around the block.’ Paul said, 'Let me go with you really quickly.’ The whole premise of taking the car out for a drive was because something was wrong."

"Roger wasn’t the kind of guy to go max speed on a small street, same thing with Paul. These guys have respect for the car and they wouldn’t do it like that. These guys are business owners and Paul was a celebrity. They are responsible people. It was more like, 'What the hell is wrong with this car? Let’s see what’s wrong and go for a drive.' These guys were more like, 'That’s weird, the car is stalling, let’s figure it out.' "

From there, the insider added, "Maybe five minutes later, a blue E46 BMW comes back in the lot and the guy was yelling, 'There’s been a crash, there’s been a crash'…I heard someone yell, 'Let’s get some fire extinguishers.' We all wanted to help. Three or four cars full of guys went to help with the fire. We started driving up and when we got up to the crash, that’s when we knew it was the Carrera. Also, right as we pulled out the parking lot, we saw the fire trucks. They were on the scene really quickly."

"There were pieces of the car that flew into the parking lot next to the tree. Also, the front fascia of the building next to the crash was about three stories tall and made of glass. I looked up and saw the crash broke the window at the top of the building. I thought, 'That must have been a sizeable crash.’”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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