Paris Jackson’s Tumblr Account: Full of Cries for Help

Posted Monday June 24, 2013 4:43 PM GMT

While her suicide attempt earlier this month may have seemed like it came out of nowhere, Paris Jackson had been posting disturbing pictures and blog entries on her Tumblr account for months.

The troubled daughter of the late Michael Jackson has a history of self-harm, and the June 5th incident “wasn’t the first time” she took a knife to her arm.

One of Jackson’s Tumblr photos showed a girl digging scissors into her skin with the message, “I f**king hate myself.”

Other posts included sentiments like “I can’t feel anything but sadness,” and “Suicide slice here,” and disturbing images of various teens doing hurtful things to themselves.

Paris is said to be on a long road to emotional recovery with multiple stages along the way.

Photo Credit: Getty Images