Cameron & Leslie Joke about Drawing on Sleeping Kate Before “The Other Woman’s” NYC Screening

Posted Friday April 25, 2014 9:35 AM GMT

Their flick is finally in theaters today (April 25), but the gals of “The Other Woman” had one more celebration in New York City on Thursday.

Cameron Diaz posed with her lovely co-stars Kate Upton and Leslie Mann on the star-studded red carpet inside the screen, which was held by The Cinema Society & Bobbi Brown with InStyle.

Before hitting up the special event, Cameron and Leslie stopped by “Late Night” to chat with Seth Meyers about their crazy antics on set.

"It seems like you guys had fun working together and you had a little bit of fun together on a flight," Seth said. "Tell us about this."

"We did," Mann admitted. "Bad, bad girls!"

The former “SNL” star showed his audience a photo of the Sports Illustrated model sleeping on a plane.

Leslie began, "She was fast asleep, like right away, which makes me so mad because I can never sleep on flights. So Cameron and I were up and we're like, 'Yeah, what can we do?' She's like passed out and we decided to draw [a mustache]."

"I'm drawing on her and she does not wake up," Diaz said. "She's like a child. She's like a little baby."

"She's like a teenager," Mann chimed in.

Check out their interview below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images