2014 Winter Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Hits a Snag in Sochi

Posted Friday February 7, 2014 3:10 PM GMT

With all the negative press circulating regarding conditions in Sochi, Russia, it’s not exactly surprising that the 2014 Winter Olympic Games Opening Ceremony experienced a serious snafu.

Traditionally, the unveiling of the Olympic Rings is an important part of the festivities, and unfortunately only four of the five rings were able to transform from illuminated snowflakes to expanded circles.

As a result of the embarrassing mess-up, the Olympic Rings were eventually unlit and taken out of the Fisht Arena before Russian President Vladimir Putin was brought onstage.

Additionally, the Russian pop duo t.A.t.u. came out and sang their hit song “All the Things She Said,” despite the fact that it contained strong lesbian themes (the Russian government has been adamant about their anti-homosexuality policies).

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Photo Credit: Getty Images