Olivia Palermo's White Hot Labor Day

Posted Tuesday September 4, 2012 11:04 AM GMT

Tending to her holiday plans, Olivia Palermo was spotted out and about on a casual stroll through New York City on Monday afternoon (September 3).

The former "City" starlet looked stylish as always, donning a pair of round brown sunnies, black and white print blouse, white pleated mini skirt and tan flats for her midday affair.

Meanwhile, in her recent interveiw with the October issue of InStyle magazine, Miss Palermo revealed she wasn't always the Upper East Side's resident fashionista, telling the publication, "I was a tomboy. Very preppy, sporty. I played lacrosse, was on the ice-hockey team, I rode every day. But after that injury ... I remember my coach saying, 'Everything happens for a reason, Olivia.'"

"Things obviously do happen for a reason. That's when I moved toParis," she explained.

Despite her change in career choice, Olivia says now her life completely revolves around her satorial satisfation, as she told, "I get up every morning and I get dressed and I like getting dressed. I like walking out of the house feeling fully pulled together."

"It doesn't matter if there's someone standing outside my apartment or not,' she explained.' I couldn't care less. I like getting dressed for me and not them."

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