Octavia Spencer Talks Not Having Kids: My Eggs are Dying

Posted Tuesday December 3, 2013 5:18 PM GMT

She’s experienced a career boost in recent years, and Octavia Spencer is content with life as she knows it.

Rather than pining for children, the “Help” actress told The Hollywood Reporter she’s not worried about getting pregnant, despite being 43 years old.

Spencer explained, “I should be married and have 19 kids. And now I’m thinking my eggs are dying on the shelf. They’re going to go past their expiration date.”

“But it’s what I chose, so I’m fine with that decision,” she added while participating in a roundtable discussion with Emma Thompson, Amy Adams, Lupita Nyong’o, Oprah Winfrey, and Julia Roberts.

Octavia also described her acting process while making “Fruitvale Station”- "I think for me, the scariest moment was taking Fruitvale Station because I've never played a real person. There's a responsibility that is owed, and then there's a life that extends beyond the screen.”

"And having to go to that place to where, I'm not a mom, and having to imagine losing a child that I had to substitute for one of my nephews."

Photo Credit: Getty Images