Russell Crowe Asks Pope Francis to Screen "Noah"

Posted Tuesday February 25, 2014 10:18 PM GMT

Hoping to nab some serious starpower to spur ticket sales, Russell Crowe asked Pope Francis to watch his movie, "Noah."

Reaching out via Twitter, the New Zealand actor wrote, "Dear Holy Father @Pontifex @Pontifex_it @DarrenAronofsky #Noah film. Screening?The message of the film is powerful , fascinating, resonant."

Later, he added, "Villagers,given his environmental focus/scholarly knowledge ,trying to screen #Noah for Pope Francis. @Pontifex You help? retweet previous."

As the message caught on, the 49-year-old actor persisted, writing, "Dear Holy Father @Pontifex , Sorry that I have caused havoc in your social media world. Seriously though, #Noah the movie will fascinate you."

The biblical-themed movie is causing a lot of controversy, with Christians divided as to the accuracy of the film.