Julianne Hough & Nikki Reed: Los Angeles Fitness Friends

Posted Tuesday March 11, 2014 2:25 PM GMT

Starting her day off with a sweat session, Julianne Hough headed to the gym in Los Angles on Tuesday (March 11).

While making her way into the busy facility, the “Footloose” beauty bumped into her pal Nikki Reed and the two enjoyed a few laughs before heading their separate ways.

After working out, Miss Hough posted a pic on her Instagram account with the quote “Be open to whatever comes next” and offered up her own advice.

“Being open is a hard thing to do because you feel vulnerable! What I’ve realized recently thought is the more open and vulnerable I am 1. The more powerful I feel, 2. The more I feel in control of my life, 3. The more faith I have in God, 4. The more feminine I feel, And of course, 5. The more I trust MY TRUE SELF!” she captioned the photo.

Julianne noted, “Being vulnerable/open is actually the strongest YOU you can be! This was something that I really learned this year #tangenttuesday #love #faith #trust #honesty #committed #open #trueself.”

Photo Credit: Wenn.com