Nicole Scherzinger: Pink Motel Photo Shoot Fun

Posted Tuesday January 21, 2014 12:28 PM GMT

Getting down to business on a new project, Nicole Scherzinger showed up at the famous Pink Motel and Cadillac Café in Sunland, California on Monday (January 20).

The former Pussycat Doll singer was on location for a fabulous photo shoot, and she worked the camera like a seasoned pro as shutterbugs looked on.

Nicole wore variety of outfits for the session including a slim-fitting cobalt blue dress and a gorgeous graphite crisscross getup.

And in her recent interview with Wylde magazine, Scherzy shared the secret to her non-stop appeal- “Instead of a feminist, I'm a feline-ist. I'm always a Pussycat. Everyone always has a Pussycat Doll inside of them. When I think of that I think of a woman who is growing into herself, knowing who she is, owning who she is, loving and accepting who she is.”

“Not only that but being fearless - that lioness part in her to go after what she wants. Even when she doesn't feel fearless, she keeps going. I guess that's what I mean by a feline-ist - being someone who is loving and accepting of herself, who is getting to know why they are as a woman, as a girl.”

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