Nicole Scherzinger & Lewis Hamilton: “Jack Reacher” Premiere Pals

Posted Monday December 10, 2012 4:05 PM GMT

Kicking off the week with an exciting evening at the movies, Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton showed up at the London premiere of “Jack Reacher” tonight (December 10).

The “Buttons” babe and her hunky beau posed for photos with the film’s star Tom Cruise outside the Odeon Leicester Square while fans and shutterbugs clamored for a peek.

And though she hasn’t written any music or done any managing for One Direction, Nicole told press that she feels like she should get a cut of their massive income for putting them together on “The X Factor.”

"Simon Cowell forgets that too, or he's trying to forget that. I think they said the footage of me suggesting it mysteriously disappeared!”

"I just thought, ‘Wow, these boys!' None of them were strong enough to make it through, but they'd make a killer group. All the girls are going to want to see these guys in a band together. And look at what they've done. I'm just really sad that I don't have a piece of it!"

Photo Credit: Getty Images