Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Christmas Eve Family Fun

Posted Monday December 24, 2012 11:15 AM GMT

Getting in some all important quality time together, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban showed up at a beautiful park in Sydney, Australia this morning (December 24).

Joined by their daughters Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, the “Moulin Rouge” babe and her “Days Go By” country crooner explored the grounds and just enjoyed the moment while nearby shutterbugs looked on.

Nicole has made no secret about her deep love for Keith, telling press, “My husband inspires me. We met later in life and I think when this is the case, you have a much better chance of going to a deep place.”

“My parents met when they were 23, so sometimes meeting young works for people, but for us we know who we are and where we’re at. Keith and I have had a kind of shorthand in getting to know each other. I want a very deep, monogamous relationship and I am very fortunate because I adore him. I love him and it’s that simple. It’s going to look really corny in print and I can’t believe I am saying it, but it’s the truth.”

“When I’m not filming, I’m supporting my husband. I went to Australia to be with him when he was filming the reality TV show The Voice, and at other times we are based in Nashville – his career and passion is country music, so we have to live there. He is talented beyond belief. I mean, you might think he’s good, but really, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

Photo Credit: INF Daily