Trey Songz Gets Romantic for Nicki Minaj

Posted Thursday June 26, 2014 9:03 AM GMT

Proving that his romance skills go beyond his snappy lyrics, Trey Songz thanked Nicki Minaj for collaborating on “Touchin’ Lovin'" with a huge gesture.

The “Say Aah” rapper flooded the pink-haired beauty’s studio with hundreds of roses and Nicki shared a snapshot of the floral arrangement on Instagram, writing, “Walked into the studio to this. Whoa! U rlly shldnt have @treysongz,” she wrote along with a photo on Instagram. “I’m playing, u should have. Lol. Listen to our song #TouchinLovin.”

Songz also left an adorable note, which ready, “I’m a lil late on the Rosé , so I got you these roses instead. Nicki I love you!!! So proud of you. Your growth is inspiring and beautiful to watch. Very happy and honored for us to do it again.”

Nicki replied, “The honor is all mine, Trey. Thank u. #BottomsUp #TouchinLovin.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images, Instagram