Neil Patrick Harris Sips on Margs in Mexico!

Posted Tuesday January 7, 2014 2:45 PM GMT

He works hard and plays harder, and Neil Patrick Harris had a blast during his relaxing getaway in Mexico.

On Monday (January 6) the “How I Met Your Mother” hunk took to his Twitter account to celebrate his final day south of the border.

NPH posted a photo of himself in some skimpy swim trunks along with the caption, “Last day of our Mexico adventure. Let's see just how many margaritas I can drink. Cheers!”

He later added, “Margarita #4: Feeling great. Can't find my book...” along with a picture of himself lying next to- that’s right- his book.

Subsequent tweets included, “Margarita #7: Yummy yum yum! Man, what's in these things?!?” and “Margarita #12: I's the life of the party!! Everybodyone is LOVING me!!”

“Margarita #17: Maaaybeee shud take break I shud maybeee. #ifoundahat,” came next, followed by, “Margarita #19: ......hic!......” “Margarita #W: I swinnin laps,” and “Magachita #3, 4 mebbe? : Bruuuglah dret scruh nuu rezzlooshun! Nigh nigh nowh. #annndblackout.”

Photo Credit: Instagram