Neil Patrick Harris Sings and Seduces in SLEEP Neuro Video - Watch Here!

Posted Wednesday February 12, 2014 7:33 PM GMT

Shooting a seductive video for the "SLEEP with neuro" drink campaign, Neil Patrick Harris delivered a spellbinding performance alongside rapper Problem and singer Asher Monroe.

Sitting on a bed covered with rose petals, the "How I Met Your Mother" stud sings softly, "When I get in bed at night, I dim the light so the mood's just right. I wanna...sleep! Just wanna sleep."

Continuing, and wearing a revealing robe, the 40-year-old crooner sang, "Because nothing soothes me the same way. At the end of a long, hard day/I wanna...sleep! Just wanna sleep. Oh, come on, don't make me lie awake here all night long/Sleep you're all I want because you know how to keep me going strong."

Problem and Asher Monroe hit the scene toward the end of the video, sending home the hilarious performance, and it was all because SLEEP neuro conducted a survey, finding that 35 percent of people chose NPH as the Hollywood star they would most likely attend a sleepover with. Watch the video below!