Will.I.Am Responds to "Blackface" Critics

Posted Monday September 13, 2010 4:52 PM GMT

After showing up to the MTV Video Music Awards in quite the interesting ensemble, Will.I.Am is defending his choice of wardrobe.

In response to several online critics, the spelling-deficient Black Eyed Peas member tweeted, "1st. just because I where all black including head mask as expression and emphasize my outfit, it shouldn't be looked at as racial."

He continued, "Let go of the past. there are far more important things 2 bark about. (Jobs, health, education) not a black man wearing all black everything."

"Are you guys serious? my outfit set 'black people back 100 yrs' choose your twits wisely," Will typed. "No education sets people back, no jobs, bad health."

Photo Credit: Getty Images