Moviefone Goes the Way of the Dinosaur

Posted Monday February 24, 2014 11:52 AM GMT

With the advent of mobile technology and this whole internet thing, AOL’s Moviefone has essentially become irrelevant.

According to a report, the once-popular phone service is slated to be taken off line after a quarter century of use.

BermanBraun president Jeff Berman explained, “The call-in service has been in pretty steady decline. Our customers are much more interested in our award-winning app, and we need to invest our resources in the future, part of which involves a major reimagining of Moviefone.”

However, Andrew Jarecki, one of the original founders of Moviefone, is disappointed with the whole thing. “It’s a missed opportunity and unfortunately characterizes the way AOL has mismanaged the Moviefone business for quite a while. The fact that a lot of people still call — hundreds of thousands a month, from what I have been told — shows that it isn’t some ancient idea.”

“Moviefone is one of the best-known brands in entertainment, and we believe it can mesh seamlessly with AOL’s strategic focus on premium content and video.”


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