George Clooney & “The Monuments Men” Attend UK Premiere

Posted Tuesday February 11, 2014 3:40 PM GMT

Continuing to spread the word about their flick, the cast “The Monuments Men” attended the UK premiere on Tuesday evening (February 11).

Creator/star of the World War II flick George Clooney proudly displayed his handsome smile as he posed on the red carpet with his co-stars Matt Damon, Jean Dujardin, Bill Murray and John Goodman.

Now playing in theaters in the US, “The Monuments Men” is about “an unlikely World War II platoon tasked with rescuing art masterpieces from Nazi thieves and returning them to their owners.”

In related news, Clooney was recently asked by a Greek journalist if he thought the 2,500-year-old sculptures - taken from the Parthenon in the early 19th century by the Earl of Elgin and now housed at the British Museum - should be returned to Athens.

George’s response, "I stepped into one the other day, I was at a press conference and somebody brought it up. So I did a little research to make sure I wasn't completely out of my mind, and even in England the polling is in favor of returning the marbles.”

"The Vatican returned parts of it, the Getty (Museum) returned parts of it. It is a question in that case of breaking up one piece of art, and whether that piece of art can be as best as possible put back together. So it's an argument to say, maybe that's one of those instances."

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