"Monsters University" Drops New Teaser Trailers: Watch Now!

Posted Wednesday June 20, 2012 4:13 PM GMT

More than a decade after Pixar released it's fourth creation, "Monsters, Inc.", the studio has debuted four trailers for the flicks prequel, "Monsters University", which reveals how our favorite monsters in Monstropolis learned their best scare tactics.

"Monsters University" follows the not-so-friendly relationship between our favorite furry blue monster, Sully (John Goodman) and his witty little monster friend Mike (Billy Crystal) during their days at the University of Fear.

All four trailers start with Sully creeping into Mike's dorm room under the narration, "Since the very first bedtime all around the world children have known there are monsters hiding in their closets. But what they don't know is that those monsters weren't always so scary."

However, each trailer features different versions of what Mike says in his sleep talk while wearing a retainer and cuddling with his “Scaring 101″ textbook right before Sully decides to turn Mike into a disco ball by gluing tiny mirrored squares all over him.

Check out the trailers for “Monsters University” below before it hits theaters in summer 2013 in 3D.