“Monsters University” Debuts Trailer & Website

Posted Thursday January 3, 2013 5:10 PM GMT

Taking advantage of the college recruiting season, Disney/Pixar has just rolled out a cleverly-designed publicity campaign for their forthcoming animated flick “Monsters University.”

A brand new trailer hit the airwaves during the Rose Bowl broadcast on New Year’s Day, and there’s also a really cool website that draws web surfers in just like a real college page.

The ‘School of Scaring’ section boasts, "For generations, the most frightening, gruesome, and hair-raising monsters have built their foundation for scaring at Monsters University. For the 143rd year in a row, Monster News & Report has given MU the top University ranking in their annual scaring issue. The scaring faculty take pride in a rigorous classroom experience, backed with centuries of institutional academic research."

“Monsters University” is slated to hit theaters in June 2013 and features the voices of Billy Crystal, Steve Buscemi, Julia Sweeney, and John Goodman.