Miranda Kerr’s Reebok Spot: Birthday Suit Babe!

Posted Tuesday March 4, 2014 2:15 PM GMT

It’s an indisputable fact that Miranda Kerr has a bangin’ bod and Reebok hired the Australian stunner to drum up interest in their new Skyscapes shoe line.

In the newly-released commercial, Kerr appears to be returning home from a workout as she enters her apartment and turns on some music.

From there, Miss Miranda proceeds to shed her clothing one piece at a time before getting fully naked and hopping in the shower.

And as she realizes she’s still wearing her uber-light Skyscapes while getting cleaned up, a doe-eyed Kerr quickly removes the shoes and places them outside the bath.

Reebok also adds the tagline, "So comfortable, you forget you have them on,” though it’s doubtful anyone is paying attention to the actual product.


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