Miranda Cosgrove Dives in with Dolphins for Charity

Posted Saturday March 8, 2014 5:38 PM GMT

Taking to the sea for her latest photo shoot, Miranda Cosgrove shared her stage time with a group of dolphins in order to raise awareness for the dangers of offshore drilling.

Boating down to the Bahamas on Friday (March 7), the "iCarly" starlet wants to protect marine life from the threat of seismic airgun blasts in the Atlantic Ocean, which preclude offshore drilling.

Coming off of a recent government proposal to drill a California-sized section of ocean floor, Miranda said, "Swimming with wild dolphins made it so clear that these intelligent and social animals need their use of sound to survive, and I'm so happy to be working with Oceana to protect them."

"When I first entered the water, the dolphins were playing with each other, swimming side by side, and they were constantly singing to each other - I could hear it!" she continued. "After a while they started to approach me and I could feel them look me in the eye. It was one of the best experiences of my life."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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