Minnie Driver & Chelsea Handler Talk Boobs on “Chelsea Lately”

Posted Tuesday March 11, 2014 2:58 PM GMT

It never takes long for the conversation to go downhill on “Chelsea Lately,” and last night (March 10) guest Minnie Driver ended up hearing about host Chelsea Handler's ta-tas almost immediately.

While discussing each of their outfits, the “About a Boy” babe observed, "If I'd known you were going to wear a T-shirt, I would have worn a T-shirt, too! You didn't tell me, though. You pull it off though, babe!"

Without flinching, Handler blurted out, "Sometimes when my boobs feel really big, I need to cover them up. What I was wearing before, my boobs looked big—I didn't like it!”

Carrying on about her cans, Chelsea lamented, "They're just like bulbous. This [T-shirt] makes it look...You know, I'm sorry. I shouldn't be wearing a T-shirt. You're right."

Handler added, "Well, they're so big, they can't be denied. If you grew up with this rack on you, you'd wanna deny them, too! They're a pain in the ass. I have back problems, my neck hurts, my head hurts, my feet hurt..."

Photo Credit: Getty Images