Mindy Kaling to Conan O’Brien: “I Have to Have These Elaborate Fantasies” While Jogging

Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014 10:10 AM GMT

Her show “The Mindy Project” has been renewed for a third season on FOX, and Mindy Kaling was in good spirits during her visit to “Conan” last night (April 14).

The “Office” starlet explained that while she’s not the typical stick-thin actress, she still makes sure to keep her body in good physical health.

Mindy noted, “I do exercise. I jog. But in order to work out, the way that I motivate myself, and I’ve actually used this in the show, is I have to pretend when I run that I’m avenging the murder of my husband. I have to have these elaborate fantasies to motivate myself.”

As for her role as the head of her program, Kaling confessed that she hates birthday parties at work, a fact that has her cast and crew a bit cranky.

"Everyone was like, 'You're a dictator! Go back to North Korea! We wanna have mirth at our workplace!' My big thing is, you have to sing 'Happy Birthday' faster."

Photo Credit: TBS