Miley Cyrus Tops Time Magazine’s Person of the Year Poll

Posted Wednesday November 27, 2013 11:18 AM GMT

When it comes to getting her fans to vote for her, Miley Cyrus is a seasoned pro, and her loyal supporters have put her at #1 on the Time Magazine poll to determine their Person of the Year.

The “Party in the USA” songstress has more votes than Edward Snowden, Narendra Modi, and Angelina Jolie, though the staff members at Time are the ones who ultimately make the call.

Additionally, it appears there are hackers who have figured out a way to make each vote count multiple times, so Miley’s standing is likely going to be short-lived.

A spokesperson for the magazine told press, “We are aware of the efforts to affect the results of the Person of the Year poll, and have measures in place so that only legitimate votes are being incorporated in the final tally [Dec. 6]...We're delighted that so many people are having fun with this informal poll and contributing to the conversation [about who should win]."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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