Miley Cyrus Rocks the Vote

Posted Tuesday November 6, 2012 10:21 PM GMT

Exercising her right to vote for the first time, Miley Cyrus arrived at her polling location in Los Angeles on Tuesday (November 6).

The "Hannah Montana" star wore an eclectic outfit of a short black minidress, red plaid button-down shirt, and black Chuck Taylors as she headed back out to continue on with her day.

Recently, the 19-year-old singer/actress's famous father Billy Ray Cyrus spilled the beans about her upcoming wedding plans with fiancée Liam Hemsworth.

The "Achey-Breaky" singer confirmed rumors about having three weddings and joked that in exchange, he should get movie roles with Liam's brother Chris, saying, "Now, they are going to have three weddings, so I'm thinking one movie with Chris, then we got the sequel to Liam's new movie [Hunger Games: Catching Fire] coming out. They have got three weddings, that has to be three movies for me."

Excited to celebrate the big day (or three!) with his little girl, the proud papa is ready to walk her down the aisle, admitting, "I actually sent her a note just last night that I do look forward to that moment whenever that time is."