Mary Jane Helps Miley Cyrus Cope with the Loss of Floyd

Posted Thursday April 10, 2014 5:28 PM GMT

Getting a little consolation from one of her other furbabies, Miley Cyrus is still healing from the devastation of losing her dog, Floyd.

While dealing with the death of her beloved pet, the talented twerker also came down with the flu, forcing her to cancel her concert in Charlotte, North Carolina.

However, on Thursday the 21-year-old singer posted a pic of her dog Mary Jane licking Miley's puckered lips with the caption, "a f*cking big a*s wet kiss #MaryJane.

Just the day before, a disappointed Ms. Cyrus tweeted, "Charlotte I really am so sorry I didn't make it & Raleigh thank you for helping heal my physical and emotional pain."

Photo Credit: Twitter