Miles Teller Dishes on Zac Efron Groupies in ELLE September 2014 Feature

Posted Sunday August 24, 2014 2:29 PM GMT

He’s still early in his career and already Miles Teller has had so many great opportunities the rest of us would kill for.

In his interview for the September 2014 issue of ELLE magazine, the “Whiplash” hunk spilled the beans on Zac Efron's girl magnet skills.

He shared, “We were doing this Q&A up in San Francisco, and this one girl stands up and says, ‘I’m 26 years old. My husband said it was okay if I give you a hug. Can I just touch you?’ Even these women that have husbands are freaking out if they can touch Zac.”

Miles also copped to trying Viagra, just like his “That Awkward Moment” character- “Uh, yeah. I’ve taken it before. You know, curiosity killed the cat. It’s a bigass pill. My buddy in Vegas gave me one. He was like, “Bro, break it in half and take it two hours before you’re ready.” When people are very specific on the instructions, that makes me kind of wary. But he was right.”

“The few times me and my buddies went to the strip clubs, it’s because whatever happened at the night club wasn’t enough. There’s this one called Sapphire, which feels like WrestleMania. There’s sparkling lights, and they walk down two flights of stairs, and they’re like, ‘And stepping into the ring is Camaro!’ I like Vegas. I like a good pool party. I’m from Florida. I love being out in the sun with my friends and drinking.”

Furthermore, Teller tells that rumors of romance with Shailene Woodley are completely false. “I’ve never dated Shailene. She would probably be repulsed by the thought. She saw me eat a Honey Bun two years ago.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images