Michelle Williams Talks "Cabaret" in Vogue April 2014

Posted Tuesday March 25, 2014 1:20 PM GMT

Taking time away from the set of her Broadway musical "Cabaret," Michelle Williams landed herself a feature in the April 2014 issue of Vogue magazine.

While striking a few poses in flapper dresses for the Craig McDean-shot spread, the "Brokeback Mountain" star opened up about her return to the stage and her performance in the musical.

"Singing and dancing takes you out of your head," Miss Williams explained. "You're too busy doing too many things to be thinking. How am I doing? You're just doing. It's like meditation."

She continued, "When 'Cabaret came along, with these gorgeous, gorgeous, songs - they're so simple, but they tap into something deep and emotional - I knew I wanted to follow that thing I tasted a few years ago."

In regards to be debut, Michelle noted, "I haven't been confronted with nerves yes, so now the singing is just pure joy. Honestly, it feels like being a kid."

"Now let's see if I can be a kid onstage eight times a week," she jokingly added.

Photo Credit: Craig McDean for Vogue