Michelle Pfeiffer Talks “People Like Us” On “Good Morning America"

Posted Wednesday June 20, 2012 1:55 PM GMT

She’s been a busy lady as of late, and Michelle Pfeiffer was spotted doing an interview on “Good Morning America” today (June 20).

The “Scarface” actress talked about her persistent tendency to get freaked out during the beginning stages of every film she does.

“I used to, early on, I used to get so nervous. For the first five years I would tremble physically and I was always sure you could see it on camera, but you couldn’t.”

And her new flick “People Like Us” is a special project, as Michelle noted that it shows the real side of pretty much every family.

“I think that all families have had secrets, and all families, to varying degrees, are dysfunctional and highly dysfunctional and it’s sort of the nature of family. And we talk about it as if it’s abnormal, but it’s actually more the norm.”

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