Michelle Monaghan on Having Kids: "I Intend to Do It Again"

Posted Monday February 27, 2012 1:45 PM GMT

She's certainly beautiful and full of life, and Michelle Monaghan took over cover duties for the March 2012 issue of Women's Health South Africa.

The 35-year-old big screen star posed for a colorful spread while topics such as her desire to have another child someday and managing the tricky task of juggling work and family life.

Highlights from Miss Monaghan's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Women's Health South Africa!

On whether there's any moments in her life she'd like to relive:
"Some people might say I'm crazy, but I'd say the birth of my daughter for sure. I intend to do it again – not necessarily her birth, of course! But those are profound moments in life – my life, her life and my husband's life. Those are the ones I'd relive."

On whether there's any moments in her life she'd like to change:
"9/11 – in a heartbeat. I was downtown when it happened, and I think when anyone sees something so tragic they think of how life could have been different had it not occurred."

On the tricky task of managing being a mother and actress in Hollywood:
"I'm not any different to anybody else in this world. Everyone knows how challenging it is to juggle work and parenting, but I don't think anybody would trade it for a million dollars. It's just the greatest thing I've ever done – we've ever done. I'd be lost without my husband and parents."

Photo Credit: Women's Health South Africa