Michelle Dockery in InStyle UK January 2014: I Don't Care What People Think

Posted Thursday December 5, 2013 9:53 PM GMT

With the fourth season of "Downton Abbey" set to return on Christmas Day (December 25th), Michelle Dockery pitched in promotions by covering the January 2014 issue of InStyle UK magazine.

The "Anna Karenina" star looked picture perfect in Chanel and Stella McCartney for the Micaela Rossato-shot spread while revealing how she handles criticism.

"In my twenties I was a bit of a worrier," Miss Dockery explained. "It bothered me what people thought of me, what job I was doing. But, then, the day I hit 30 I didn’t give a sh*t any more."

In regards to her time on "Downton Abbey" Michelle stated, "It's a very solid and successful job; it just vies you that sense of security, I guess."

"I mean, I own a flat now. I moved sixteen times from the age of 19, just hopping about from different flats, because I couldn't always afford to stay. It's lovely to feel stability," she added.

Photo Credit: Micaela Rossato for InStyle UK

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