Michael Jackson's Alleged Son B. Howard Speaks Out After DNA Test

Posted Thursday March 6, 2014 5:35 PM GMT

Taking on rumors alleging that he is indeed Michael Jackson's son, Brandon Howard released a video stating he had nothing to do with claims made Alki David and his company, FilmOn.com.

Alleging that Brandon Howard is almost certainly the beloved pop star's son, David told TMZ that he obtained Michael's dental impression from a Beverly Hills doctor in an auction.

Although the impression is 30 years old, David still claimed there is DNA on it; however he would not say which lab performed the DNA test, but says it showed a clear match between Brandon and Michael.

Responding in kind to the allegations, B. Howard stated he had nothing to do with the tabloid reports, making a video in which he said, "I've never self-proclaimed to be Michael Jackson's son...I'm definitely not suing the estate; I've been taken care of very well, and also, I make my own cash...It is true: I did a DNA test, but it had nothing to do with any of this, I swear on my life."

Watch the video below!

Photo Credit: Facebook