Michael B. Jordan Discusses "Fantastic Four" Racial Backlash

Posted Wednesday February 26, 2014 2:48 PM GMT

He received terrible backlash about his new role as Johnny Storm in the reboot of "Fantastic Four," and now Michael B. Jordan is finally ready to address the negative feedback.

While at a Vanity Fair and FIAT sponsored event at No Vacancy club in Los Angeles on Tuesday (February 25), the "That Awkward Moment" actor revealed his thoughts on the racial drama that surrounds the upcoming superhero flick.

"People are going to be critics," Mr. Jordan explained. "Haters are going to find something to hate about. I'm a young black man. I've been criticized."

He continued with a laugh, "My name is Michael Jordan. He gave me a chip on my shoulder that I needed to push me though."

In regards to his busy but exciting schedule, Michael stated, "It's a crazy year. I am enjoying it. It's something I've been waiting for a really long time and working for. And the opportunity is here and I'm trying to take advantage of it - in the best way possible."

He went on to add, "The whole 'Fantastic Four' thing - I'm excited!"

Photo Credit: Getty Images