Meredith Vieira Announces Fall Debut of New Show

Posted Tuesday July 15, 2014 9:50 AM GMT

She’s been itching to show fans what she’s been up to as of late, and finally Meredith Vieira will launch her new talk show this fall.

During the Fall 2014 TCA event on Monday (July 14), the former “Today” host told press that the program will be called, simply “The Meredith Vieira Show,” though it wasn’t her first choice.

“It’s really scary. I didn't even want (the show) to be my name. The executives said, 'What else would you call it?' And we couldn't come up with anything else. Hopefully it's a reflection of my authenticity because people who know me know what they're going to get."

And unlike other women whose talk show dreams didn’t pan out, Meredith says she’ll just be real and let the viewers decide if her new gig is worth watching. "The audience can smell a fake a mile away. What struck me was how significant daytime television is to the viewer. They connect to it in such a personal way. If you're able to speak to your audience and give them a voice, they'll watch."

Photo Credit: Getty Images