Melissa McCarthy is Michigan Ave Magazine's "Leading Lady" for February 2013

Posted Tuesday January 29, 2013 8:00 PM GMT

With her new movie "Identity Thief" set to hit theaters February 8th, Melissa McCarthy scored herself a feature in the February 2013 issue of Michigan Avenue Magazine.

The 42-year-old "Bridesmaids" actress looked absolutely gorgeous for the front page shoot while dishing about everything from her childhood to her Emmy victory.

A few highlights from Miss McCarthy's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Michigan Avenue Magazine!

On growing up on a farm:
"[We didn’t have to do] so much farm stuff—my older sister, Margie, and I did all the things every other little kid has to do: We had to help dust and clean and vacuum. But we always had nine million cats.... I think, at some point, we were up to like 25 cats! Outside, that is. We weren’t crazy. It was great for a farm, because there were mice and all these other things, and people would bring strays out to us because they knew we had a big farm, and my mom would take them. It was kind of horrifying, because all through school when people would drive me home for the first time, I always remember thinking, Oh, no. They’re going to see the cats. They’re going to see the cats."

On her comic idols:
"Gilda Radner, Madeline Kahn, Jane Curtin—who I just got to work with this summer. She played my mom in a movie, and I held it together the whole time. But at the end, she was leaving, and I burst out crying, saying 'Saturday Night Live was such a big part of shaping what I thought was funny my whole life.' I’m making a scene, and she says, 'You know, I have one more day.' And I thought, Well, perfect. I’m making a jackass of myself yet again. Also Teri Garr, to me, was just perfect. She could be that grounded character, so funny but such a good actress and just kind of magic. I love all of those women."

On winning an Emmy for "Mike and Molly":
"Bonkers. Like I still can’t quite believe it. It was so surreal that I was there. You try for so many years to just get a job, then to get on something that you actually like, to get it on the air, people seem genuinely to like it, and then you get [an Emmy]—I just thought, Oh, my God. This is too much."

Photo Credit: Michigan Avenue Magazine

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