Billy Crystal & Meg Ryan Bring Back the “When Harry Met Sally” Magic at Film Society Awards

Posted Tuesday April 29, 2014 11:40 AM GMT

For anyone alive in the late 1980s, “When Harry Met Sally” was the iconic relationship flick, and last night (April 28) Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan teamed up to honor director Rob Reiner.

The “Analyze This” star and the “Sleepless in Seattle” stunner attended the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Chaplin Award ceremony in New York City and they both looked thrilled to be back in each other’s company 25 years after they made the movie.

Billy told THR that he loved the way his friendship Reiner actually informed many of the movie’s meaningful moments, such as late night phone calls and watching movies while on the phone.

"That was so personal to us, because many of the things that Harry and Sally did in the movie, Rob and I did as friends, which we just talked about and Nora (Ephron) was able to work into the script. That bonding was very much Rob and I."